Some folks love iPhone and some do not. And this new generation brand warfare or applications debate is really much like the near soda fight of decades which is, Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi. The battle is between the hardcore faithful consumers of all the new, who are always enraged as a way to make the other feel valuable before the other. But, then there are a few neutral consumers which may be flexible towards the two. We tackle such neutral customers to test out iMessage on their Windows computers. It is simple, it’s efficient, and it’s definitely high-tech. And the report demonstrates how to get iMessage on PC. If you are confused about how Download and Install iMessages on Windows than now confusion is over. In this post you will learn how to¬†Download and Install iMessages on Windows . Learn How to get Free Instagram Followers Instantly¬†How to Recover Windows Password for free

Download and Install iMessages on Windows

Download and Install iMessages on Windows

Download and Install iMessages on Windows



Method 1) Free Emulator

Step 1. Go to and download the free emulator on the market.

Step 2. Then set up the file with extension .exe on your computer.

Step 3. Now you must run the emulator

Step 4. Once it is installed , Launch the software on your PC

Step 5. Following the successful completion of this setup process, launch the iPadian software on your computer.

Step 6. Search for iMessage from the search bar.

Step 7. Finally, download the Apple messenger program and launch it.

Then you can get iMessage on PC.


Method 2) Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1. You should have a Mac using iMessage and a Windows PC, to start off with.

Step 2. Download Chrome for Desktop

Step 3. After the installation process of the program is finished, click to start.

Step 4. Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer individually on the Mac computer.

Step 5. After the completion of the download, install it exactly the same.

Step 6. Chrome Remote Desktop enables access to another computer’s programs and files securely through the Chrome Safari or browser publication. So join the two computers through the safety code and revel in the iMessage in your Windows PC.
Two Jailbreak your iPhone

There’s an additional method whereby you can get iMessage for windows. Though a little complex, it’s useful.